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6 Tips for Becoming an Interior Designer

If you happen to constantly receive compliments on how you decorate your own home and the quality of your taste when it comes to interior design, a career as an interior designer might well be waiting for you. If it is not an easy task, becoming a professional interior designer requires having an eye for fashion, an intuitive sense of style and the ability to adapt and create / recreate. Here are some simple and easy tips that could help you start your adventure towards a new career.

Train your eye back on details instantly

A good interior designer has a natural talent for detecting what’s right with the room and what needs to be changed to improve the mood. No matter what your level is, it is by perfecting these skills that you will be better. Every time you enter a room from now on, just watch what you like, what you change, and how you can improve the mood. Think about it. Browse magazines and the internet for more ideas.

Get an appropriate diploma or certification to get started

Education will not only serve to refine your talent, but it will open your mind to new ideas, past trends and the latest novelties in fashion. Certification can be obtained at different skill levels depending on the objectives you have set for yourself. Start modestly and soon you can aim for the summit. A degree in this field will help you find a job in a design company.

You will have to study a lot beyond what is obvious

The decoration of a house does not only mean the style, the elegance and the atmosphere but also the materials, their respective nature and the way they fit into the atmosphere. To do this, one needs to look at things like the toxicity and flammability of materials outside of their nature of wear and the way they interact with different climatic conditions. When it comes to setting up a home, functionality is as much a problem as the form.

Collect a lot of practice, even if it does not pay (yet)

As in all other professions on the planet, practice is the difference between success and failure. No matter what your level, experience makes the difference. Change your interior often and decorate the homes of your friends and relatives – even for free – There will come a day when all this “free work “will bear fruit.

Build a portfolio and develop your own contacts

In the world of fashion and design, the two most important aspects that define your success are your portfolio and your contacts. Make a good portfolio at the beginning even if it means working as an assistant for someone else for a while, it must be done. Then make sure you have good contacts. The more your list of contacts increases, the more orders are raised and the more impressive your portfolio becomes and the confidence of new customers.

Always decorate locally, but think globally

It is important to work with local sensitivities, tastes, climatic trends and needs in mind. Try to mix and match with new trends and be connected with the world. Interior decoration is a very dynamic area.

Decorating an interior for a better living comfort is a rewarding experience, the satisfaction you have touched, modified and improved someone’s life. It seems that few professions have to offer a combination of aesthetics, profitability, creativity and functionality.

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