Amazing Yellow Flowers Names

Amazing Yellow Flowers Names with Their Meanings

Different yellow flowers have a unique name with a meaning. Some flowers are epitomes of friendship and love while others provoke the feeling of empathy and peace. Today, flower boutique has become the easiest and the best gift for various anniversaries and weddings.

You shouldn’t forget Valentine week which also red flowers are given out immensely as a sign of love. Even though red flowers are used as a symbol of love by most people nowadays, yellow flowers used to be an expression of love between close friends. In this list, we share with you some common yellow flowers.

  1. Yellow Water Lily
Yellow Water Lily
Yellow Water Lily

Yellow water lily grows on flexible stalks that resemble those of a banana. It is a national flower in Bangladesh. It is a symbol of love and life. And that is the reason why it is used for most events and celebrations. It is not well known for its bright yellow colour, but it is also utilised for most religious purposes too.

  1. Arcia


If you love flowers, you will surely find this flower lovable. It really looks stunning. The meaning of this yellow flower genre is hidden love, and its scientific name is Acacia sp. It is found in America and Africa regions.
  1. Achillea

This plant can be grown very easily. It is widely known as “cloth of gold.” It doesn’t need much sunlight. Its scientific name is Achillea sp. and its symbol is “state of war” it doesn’t need much maintenance, and it is good for decorating your garden.

  1. Aconite (European Hemisphere/Tiger’s Bane/Dog’s Bane)

These have been the most famous yellow flowers for many years. However, they are also very poisonous plants. Its scientific name is Eranthis hyemalis. The symbol of this flower is hatred. It is a wildflower plant that grows in mountainous regions in the northern hemisphere.

  1. Adonis

This yellow flower consists of twenty to thirty species in its family; this yellow Adonis included. Its meaning is patience and humility and the scientific name id Adonis vernalis. It grows in regions of Asia and Europe. When translated, it means “Adonis of Spring.”

  1. Barberry

This is for flower gardeners who are looking for a low maintenance flower. It is the best. Its meaning is fiery temperament, and its scientific name is Berberis thunbergii. There are more than 400 know species of barberry plant.

  1. Begonia


Begonia is a genre of a perennial flowering plant in the family of Begoniaceae. Its scientific name is Begonia x tuberhybrida which means be cautious or deep thinking. It has more than 1400 species.

  1. Celandine(lesser)

It is also called Ficaria vema. It is a flowering plant from buttercup family. It is found in West Asia and European regions. It is very poisonous if taken raw and very dangerous to grazing animals such as cattle and horse. As a result, it has been banned in many US states. Its meaning is forthcoming joys. The scientific name is Ranunculus ficaria.

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