Air Conditioner in Summers

An Easy Guide For Maintenance Of Air Conditioner in Summers

With the rising temperature in summer, very often you need to cool off to maintain the level of moisture in your body and avoiding the rashes. Air conditioning thus becomes an integral part of your living on summer days. But, after a yearlong use, your air conditioner needs a regular maintenance, especially before the summer so that you can enjoy its cooling without burning deep into your pockets. It is pertinent to mention here that when dust and other particles pile up and block the filter of your air conditioner, it takes a long time to cool off thereby increases the power consumption. In the long run, the compressor of the air conditioner heavily depreciates.

All those put together indicates that you must follow a maintenance schedule of the air conditioners at home and office. Here are a few tips that you can follow for the upkeep of the air conditioners.

  • Schedule a maintenance check before summer: Winter is the ideal time to go ahead with the maintenance of your air conditioning. You can do it yourself if you have the simple tools like the vacuum cleaner, a brush and the mild liquid soap like shampoo. To begin here, you should vacuum the exposed areas of the air conditioner so that dust piled on it could be removed in the first place. Though it is advised call expert technicians in your locality to do the job or may hire the services from the air conditioner manufacturing company.
  • Clean the fins of your air conditioner: You will notice that dust pile up on the fins of your air conditioner that makes the fins heavy and obstructs its’ movement. Hence, you must clean the fins that improve the air circulation. You can do it easily by unscrewing fins from the air conditioner and then wash it with the shampoo and water. Apply the brush gently at the time of cleaning.
  • Clean or change the filter: Clean the filter in the same way as you did for the fins. However, at times you may need to change the filter. Do it without any hesitation which will help you save the electricity bill and cool fast.
  • Check the duct: If you have a centralised cooling system, you should also remove dust and gunk, if any, from the duct for the optimum performance of the air conditioner.
  • Check the insulation: Check the insulation of the copper pipe for the better performance of your air conditioner.
  • Clean air conditioner coils: Gently clean the air conditioner coils that lengthen the life of your air conditioner and help you cool fast.
  • Wiring check: Check the wiring of your air conditioner before summer for its flawless running.

In short, it is your ingenuity that will summarily help you get rid of the issues of air conditioning in summer. Following the simple tips mentioned above, you will continue to enjoy the flawless service of your air conditioner for sure as it has been experienced by the people worldwide. However, things like the present condition of your air conditioner and its ageing, voltage fluctuations in your area and dust, for instance, will greatly influence the overall functioning of your air conditioner.

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