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Chimney Cleaning – An Important Point Making Home Winter Ready

While the wind howls outside, sitting next to a roaring fire, holding a glass of your favorite scotch and caressing the hair of your loved one is a heavenly feeling right? Well, that can all come crashing down in a matter of seconds if your chimney is blocked for some reason and it starts filling up your home with fatal carbon monoxide. It is one of the many reasons why CT chimney cleaning and sweeping service providers often emphasize the importance of regular chimney inspections.

Blocked or structurally weak chimney of both stoves in cabins and fireplaces of modern-day homes are the sole reason behind accidental fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. It is clear that both these cases often leads to fatalities which is why to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you should get your home’s chimney inspected and cleaned. If you are still not convinced enough, feel free to read through the following sections.

It is the only way you can make sure that the chimney is free from any obstruction

Look at your chimney like the gutters in your property. To safely take stormwater away from your property, the gutters need to be free from obstructions. To make sure they are, you periodically clean them right? Well, the same goes for chimneys as well. In order to make sure that the structure is free from obstructions like a bird’s nest well, you need to take the assistance of professionals.

It is strongly advised that you refrain from lighting a fire to scarf pests from your chimney as chances are really high that you might end up starting an accidental fire in your property.

Periodic inspection can keep fire accidents at bay

Prolonged use of your chimney can cause the inner walls of the same to get coated with a glassy or tarlike, dark-colored substance. This is creosote – a highly flammable substance that is a by-product when you burn under aged wood. It is hard to remove on your own and as mentioned earlier, it is highly flammable. You need to call in the professionals to keep accidental fires at bay. Make sure that the chimney cleaning and inspection service provider you are hiring is certified and has all the necessary paperwork for the best results.

If your chimney has structural issues, cleaning followed by inspection is strongly advised

Over time, every component of a chimney such as its mortar, damper mechanism, bricks, crown, and the flue loses its integrity. If left unchecked, it can easily lead to the chimney losing its structural integrity. Each and every part of a chimney should be kept in perfect condition to keep potential fire risks and carbon monoxide poisoning at bay. You on your own cannot figure it all out which is why you need to call in the professionals and do their job.

Most modern-day property insurance policies come with a compulsory clause where the property owner needs to hire professionals and get their home’s chimney inspected or cleaned. If you fail to comply and in a worst case scenario, your property gets damaged in a fire accident, the insurance company won’t pay up for the damages. This is another reason you should get on the phone and call up the professionals as soon as possible.

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