Bathroom Renovations at Old Houses

Few Noteworthy Advantages of Bathroom Renovations at Old Houses

The bathroom is often the most neglected place in a house, although it is the most frequented place in the entire house. Moreover, the walls, floors and other features of the bathroom need to bear the stains caused by water and various cleaning agents. Hence, the bathroom is the foremost area of the house to sport a worn-out look with faded tiles, heavily stained countertops, and damaged faucets or faulty showerheads. Thus, it is essential that owners of old houses and apartments opt for bathroom renovations at regular intervals to render a fresh look to their bathrooms.

Why Should You opt For Bathroom Renovations In A House?

  • Furnish a modernised appearance – The bathrooms can be given a new look, can be made more luxurious and stylish with well-planned and thorough bathroom renovations.  The latest appliances, like a geyser, washing machine, Jacuzzi tub, LCD TV and warmed toilet seat can be installed to give the bathroom a modern look. The entire look of the bathroom can be brightened by cleaning or replacing faded tiles, installing faucets and showerheads of more stylish designs and putting on vibrant shower screens.
  • Rectify all problematic features – A vital part of bathroom renovations consist of  repair or replacement of the leaking faucets, blocked sinks, cracked countertops and faulty toilets. Thus, the bathroom becomes more comfortable and better functional for all the users.
  • Makes more energy efficient – The old lighting system of the bathroom may be altered to fit new LED bulbs and the old electric appliances may be repaired or replaced with new ones that are highly energy efficient in nature. Hence, a large amount of electricity can be saved, resulting in reduced electricity bills. The bathroom renovations also include installing low-flow faucets and toilet suites which will help save a lot of water.
  • Increases the property value – The resale value of an old home can be boosted to a large extent after an extensive and quality bathroom renovation in that house. There is a great difference in prices between a house with a bathroom in worn-out condition and home with a newly remodelled bathroom. Thus, the house owner finds it much easier to sell his house at a satisfactory price and even the real estate brokers show more interest for houses with freshly renovated bathrooms.
  • Adds more storage space – The earlier storage in the bathroom may be smaller compared to the requirements, which can be corrected by replacing with larger bathroom vanities that have more interior storage space. The bathroom renovations can be planned accordingly to provide more free space in the area, by removing all unnecessary features from the bathroom. In smaller bathrooms, storage racks, open shelves, smaller vanities under sinks and the wall cabinets work wonderfully for the storage of all bathroom products.
  • Ensures better safety – The old tiles on the bathroom floors may be replaced with new slip-resistant ones to prevent accidental falls. Moreover, the homeowner may opt to install a wider doorway and new shower screen to make his bathroom a safer place for the elderly  and kids.

The competent interior designers can provide some innovative ideas for the most effective renovation of the bathrooms, without facing too much hassle or spending large amounts of money. It is seen that there are many simple ways of renovation, which are more cost effective and can be done more easily. The regular maintenance of a bathroom can lessen this heavy expense on renovations, as periodical cleaning of the tiles and checking of the fixtures can keep them in good condition for years.

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