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How Often Should A Building Be Inspected?

Inspection of a building before buying is important to get maximum benefit from your investment. But if you choose to live or rent your property, regular inspection of the building is paramount for the well-being of people living there. Numbers of inspection required is dependent on many factors such as location, the frequency of natural calamity and many more.

Building inspection is performed by an inspector appointed by either city, township or country. Usually certified in one or more disciplines, they are qualified to check whether a building meets specific requirement codes or not. A building inspector may be certified either as plumbing, electrical, mechanical or structural to check its compliance with the required one.

As the building gets older so does its components. Everything starts to spoil at a different level. Different damages such as roofing damage, timber pest infestation, subfloor faults, fire hazards, water damage, metal faults and structural cracks are needs to get inspected to declared as a livable property. A defect in single components can propagate other damages and ultimately harmful to the household. To live a safe and happy life regular inspection of your building is needed.

Inspections are different for residential and commercial. Residential buildings are for a family where less traffic encounter wherein commercial buildings have high traffic. Commercial buildings need heavy inspection as compared to residential but thorough checking is a must for both.

A professional inspection last for an hour or two. Generally, normal agency inspection last less than 1 hour, but a thorough building inspection last for 1-2 hour.

While professional inspection is going on you can check your property personally by doing the following.

  • Check doors and windows open clearly, and it doesn’t get trapped in the frame.
  • Check ceiling and floor for any cracks.
  • Check for rotting floorboards under the carpet.
  • Check all taps and how long does it take to flow hot water.
  • Looks at general states of roof, gutters and drain pipes.
  • Inspect external and internal walls for any cracks.
  • Check every switch and sockets.
  • Ask your electrical inspector about the conditions of the home electrical system.
  • Get the building inspection report at the end from your inspector.

Generally, buildings are very strong and they can easily last around 30-40 years. After a few years of its uses, some parts of the building started to spoil, and damages result in severe consequences if not repaired early. Once the symptoms of damages start to notice regular inspection of buildings is advisable. In Australia, it’s mandatory to have building inspection twice a year so consulting professionals like Exceptional Building Inspections can prove to be really helpful. Use good quality products for any replacement in building components so that it last longer and save money in the long-term.

It is advisable to keep a strong check on the regular maintenance of your home. It’s beneficial to both the well-being of your family and return on investment on your sale. Consult a professional inspector to know better about your building inspection as itis the one-stop solution of all building related problems.

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