best handmade rug

How to find out the best handmade rug for your home?

Follow step-by-step guide to decide whether you have a handmade or machine-made rug for your home d├ęcor.

  1. Behind the rugs on knitting. Look at the foundation thread’s white or red or horizontal. These threads are called boating threads. You can partial load only one inch or so, and then cover with wool nodes, but it is important that these threads are horizontal to the fringe. Occasional horizontal thread comes from one side of the rouge (tied edge) on the other side. The horizontal line of the knitting cannot be completely straight.
  2. Find colored knee inequality behind rubbish. You can see some areas slightly thicker than others.
  3. Now look carefully at the rugs online. Look carefully at the design. This design will rarely reach the opposite end of the same shape and shape towards the end of the rouge. This is true in most of the old Oriental Rouge
  4. You can see little color change to make rouge or thin strips. This Rub and Wool color is due to light and environment, due to many wool wire changes. These color changes are usually found in the background color of the rouge. This color change is called “Abbes”, it is normal and does not differ from the price of the rugs.
  5. Sometimes there is a cloth tag in the corner of the abyss, which says, “Made in Iran” or “Made in India” you can make sure that this piece is handy.
  6. Handmade cushion is almost always woven with wool pile. The machine’s streets are often made of nylon or polyester stacks.
  7. Machine-made rugs are often made of nylon or polyester stacks, and are generally similar in their knit. Behind the rug, you can go to a white woven thread on the fringe end to fin, and you cannot see the white thread at all. Generally there is no discrepancy between weaving or design, and you will not even get the color of rugs.

What size measurement are you looking for?

Another idea to keep in mind is that the room you want to complete is the size of the rug. Follow these simple tips to choose the area size for the scene you’re trying to achieve. While choosing the mud for a living room, sometimes the customer puts legs on the rug in front of the sofa and sometimes sits chairs on the chairs. To fit in a room, leave a standard area rug size from one foot (~ 0.3048 meters) on the floor shown around the carpet. Of course, if you have an open space open space, then the carpet on the floor should be kept in the room.

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