How to Manage the colors of a house

How to Manage the colors of a house

Whether you want to add energy to a drab room or calm in a hectic, our guide can help you decide which color suits you best. Combine several shades and accents throughout your home for a balanced and colorful life!

Learn more about what colors mean and what they can add to an interior.


Orange expands your thinking. It reduces self-awareness and allows you to express yourself with confidence. Use it in your home when you want to feel younger. It’s the color of laughter and celebration. Try the orange mouse pad, kid’s room wall.


Deep blue promotes efficiency. It will purify your thinking, so that you can cut through the clutter and find out what is most important in your life. It helps you to integrate the big picture with the small picture. Try a deep blue … tray, wastepaper basket, desk lamp.


Green increases wealth. The primary color in nature, it corresponds to the richness of life. This is the color of new starts and growth. He will encourage you to honor your unique talents and manifest them in the material world. Try the green checkbook, office chair, front door.


Light purple is spiritual. It will help you connect to a higher plane. Purple encourages a new perspective on emotional issues. By remembering that we are all connected, it will deepen your sense of humanity. Use it in your home to enhance the compassion and experience of friends as a family. Try a light purple yoga mat newspaper.


Blue gives a sense of peace. It dissolves tensions and promotes tranquility. Light blue brings in particular ease in the home and harmony in relationships. Wearing it or surrounding yourself helps to calm aggressive tendencies and eliminates discord. Try a light blue Headboard, painted ceiling.


Bright red strengthens you. It’s a stimulant. He promotes courage and fearlessness. Use this color when you want to increase self-confidence. But too much red can make you feel too excited or agitated. Try a bright red dish candy, picture frame, beautiful book.


Yellow increases your concentration. He is known to improve intelligence and mental agility. It can help stimulate conversation and clarify thoughts. Try a yellow pencil, bookmarks, post-it block.


Pink opens the heart. Sweet and soothing, pink is the color of love. It promotes tenderness and comfort in moments of emotional transition. Use it in a room when trying to increase receptivity and understanding. Try a pink mobile phone case … bulb, rosé wine.


Green is also the color of healing. It represents food and helps stabilize the body, optimize your balance and encourage stability. Use it to rejuvenate yourself, to promote physical activity and emotional well-being. Try a green cast iron pot, set of kitchen bowls, bath towel.


Yellow and orange add life. These colors help dispel the darkness and allow us to see the bright side of things. Always remember, a color palette is the key to happiness: you need the full range to feel balanced and fully alive. Try a yellow or orange tea towel cup of coffee, pillow


Deep red inspires passion. It helps to awaken the libido. Use it to move through the inhibitions and emotional blockages that prevent you from expressing yourself. It will remind you to live your life fully and to love your body. Try a deep red ottoman, lampshade, booster chair.


Turquoise inspires confidence. This is the color to use when you need to relax. Wear it or surround yourself with it if you have trouble sleeping, dreaming, or meditating. Try a turquoise sleep mask quilt, painted floor.

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